Expert-Approved Tips for Installing a Home Office Desk

home office desk

After the pandemic, many organizations hire work-from-home employees because it is a huge cost-saving. However, the nature of work requires a setting free from distractions and outside noise. Here is a complete guide to installing a home office desk to increase productivity.


The placement of a home office desk matters a lot. You do not want it placed in the wrong spot, so it adversely impacts productivity. A common mistake is placing it at an angle against the video, which creates glare. It will stress your eyes.

However, you do not want it to face the wall. The ideal desk placement is when the back is against the wall, and you have an excellent view of the room entrance. The desk must not be placed at the front of the door, which is a huge distraction.

An interesting background

Cabinets must surround a home office desk to maximize space. You can use them to store tech items. The feature is immensely important if you work in the sound or entertainment industry. The cabinets will also hide the Wi-Fi router and cable webs. You can also place stationary and other items to free up space.

Home office desk with engaging surrounding look perfect on video calls. You can install a bookshelf with literary pieces, artwork, and pictures. The cabinets will prevent entangled wires. You can walk around the home office freely too.

Room lighting

Lighting is crucial to where you place your home office desk. You want to use natural lighting since it will host a computer or laptop. If the room does not have natural sunlight, use ambiance lighting to create a natural atmosphere. You can customize the intensity as necessary.

Lighting is unnecessary if the home office has overhead lights. Go with a desk lamp instead to make things look interesting. Think of it as accessorizing your place of work.

Desk for a couple

Here is an excellent idea for an oversized home office desk if you and your partner work from home. The desk can be mounted in the middle of the room with your and their side. It can also host monitors and a printer as well.

However, setting a desk in the home office for two people is challenging because of personal preferences. Therefore, find elements you can both agree on. You can divide the responsibilities, such as picking the desk's color and the other choosing the style.

Easy movement

A home office desk goes beyond the desk and chair. It must bring the entire room together. Therefore, a seating area is necessary. You can set it closer to the desk to answer calls or emails without wasting time. Furthermore, you can also use the relaxing area to review documents comfortably.

The individual can also place a similar rug under the seating area to add personality. Now you can host informal video calls in a relaxed setting but are not too far from the home office desk that it is inconvenient.


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