Present An Ultimate Guide To Make An Appropriate Selection Between Tallboy drawers And Lowboy drawers For Your Bedroom!

Present An Ultimate Guide To Make An Appropriate Selection Between Tallboy drawers And Lowboy drawers For Your Bedroom!


The style of drawers you choose for bedroom storage can significantly impact appearance and utility. Lowboy and tallboy drawers are the two most often used choices. Every kind has special characteristics, so choosing the right one is crucial to designing a fashionable and well-organized area. If you are looking for a suitable style in a chest of drawers, look no further than Proferlo Furniture.


A sneak peek into tallboy and lowboy drawers to reach the right decision:


What are Tallboy drawers?

Vertically oriented furniture components, tallboy drawers usually have five to seven drawers piled on top. Given their ability to optimise vertical space, they are an excellent option for tiny bedrooms with limited floor area.

  • The efficiency of Tallboy drawers: Perfect for small bedrooms, tallboy drawers takeup less floor area while providing enough storage.
  • Thanks to their several drawers, tallboys offer plenty of space to store clothing, accessories, and other personal items.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Tallboy drawersgive a room height and a verticality that might help it seem bigger and airier.


What are Lowboy drawers?

Usually consisting of two or four drawers placed side by side, lowboy drawers are horizontally oriented furniture items. Their lower ground-level design gives them a larger footprint.

  • One of lowboy drawers' advantages is their accessibility; being closer to the floor, they are easier to reach. Thus, they are appropriate for use in kid's rooms or by people who would rather not reach high.
  • Versatility: Your bedroom will be more helpful with lowboy drawersserving as a surface to exhibit décor like lamps, plants, or picture frames.
  • Lowboy drawersare less likely to topple over because of their more extensive base.


Factors to consider to make the proper selection on chest of drawers:

  • Measurement of Bedroom:

If you're choosing between tallboy and lowboy drawers, consider your bedroom's size. Tallboy drawers make excellent use of vertical space; hence, they may be a preferable option if your room is smaller. On the other hand, lowboy drawers might be a useful and attractive choice if your bedroom is larger.


  • Essential Storage:

Find out how much storage you need. The number of drawers in a tallboy drawer usually means more storage space. Tallboy drawers work better if you need to store a lot of stuff. Lowboy drawers might be the better option if you require quick access to things and would rather have furniture that doubles as a display surface.


  • Space Planning and Design:

Organise and design your bedroom. Low ceiling spaces may benefit from tallboy drawers' ability to provide the impression of height and attract the eye upward. Conversely, lowboy drawers offer a surface for extra décor and a balanced appearance that may be included in various room styles.


  • Safety Pointers:

Safety is crucial in families with kids and elderly. Tallboy drawers should be fastened to the wall to keep them from tipping. With their broader base, lowboy drawers are usually safer and sturdier for homes with small children.



Final Verdict:

The size of your bedroom, storage requirements, style tastes, and safety concerns will all influence your decision between tallboy and lowboy drawers. Through a thorough assessment of these factors, you can choose the ideal piece of furniture that will improve your bedroom's usefulness and add to its visual appeal. The practical adaptability of lowboy drawers or the vertical elegance of tallboy drawers has unique advantages that can help you design a chic and well-organized bedroom.